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Your partner feels so right to you, and you are definitely getting soul mate vibes from them, but how can you be sure that this is your perfect match? Whether or not you believe in the idea of a one and only love in the world who is just right for you, knowing the signs will help you pin down your perfect match before he or she gets away.

Or maybe you hate to clean but your partner enjoys it. In this article, we will look at some of the signs an ideal partnership so you will recognize it when you see it, and make a move before they have a chance to get away.

Steps for Manifesting Your Ideal Mate

A positive, rather than a negative attitude would certainly make your future together with your partner a brighter one. Ideally, your perfect match would bring a positive mood to your life anytime you are around them. Ideally, both partners would share this attitude, but happiness is still achievable if at least one of you is cheerful enough to pull the other one along.

In contrast, if your partner looks at life as a series of events that are focused on avoiding bad things rather than seeking the good, your chances of a perfect match for happiness are decreased.

In another research study , feelings of emotional security and companionship predicted happiness for couples over long-term relationships. The study found that happiness was ever more likely when the participants knew themselves well and had a firm sense of identity. Companionship is particularly important later in life, when sexual activity decreases as we age.

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Think about your best friend who is not your partner. An ideal match for you would be someone who helps you to be your best self by encouraging your growth and development within the framework of a committed relationship. In this way, you feel securely emotionally protected and you can spread your wings and be amazing.

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Think about when you feel truly your best self and think about how you can feel that way more often. Are you with your partner when you feel this way or are you with other people or alone?

The perfect partner is not the perfect person you dream about.

A comfortably matched couple is a couple who are happy just to be together with nothing to do. Relaxing in a park or going for a walk are fun activities when your partner is a perfect match. They know how to stimulate your mind, your emotions, and they connect to you spiritually as well as physically. These moments together build a lifetime of intimacy for a perfectly matched couple. Respect is all about giving each other credit for who we are and what we think and believe.

Respect is about treating each other how we should be treated. Trust can be given freely but once lost it is very hard to earn back. You are asking someone to risk their feelings on you. Can you be honest and open about how you feel?

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This follows on from trust. It takes a lot of courage to let someone in and see you for who you are. Really important and often forgotten is fun. Are you able to be yourself — quite often we feel like we have to put on an act to try to impress the people around us. You should be able to relax and be liked just for being yourself they should let you be you, no acts, no masks — And they should make you feel good about yourself.

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Remember you are ace! However, having someone who will just suck up to you is no good — they should challenge you. They should make you think and work hard and not get away with behaving like a muppet.

Are you both supportive? Are you there when needed to pick each other up and encourage each other to be all that you can be? Can you admit it when you are wrong? So conversely if you want to be able to make mistakes can you be forgiving enough to allow your partner to do the same?