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Carol Raul Aranas El Caboose Constance Boardman Masseuse Jorge Chapa Henchman Will Cobbs Police Officer Allen Jared Lowell Mohammed J. Roofie Double Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Lisa Lakatos Edit Storyline In order to afford to leave the seedy massage parlor where he's been hiding out for six months, Pac helps the ghost of a Mexican drug mule. Genres: Comedy. Certificate: TV-MA. Runtime: 21 min. Add the first question. User Reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

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Trains With Cabooses! Cabooses On Steam Trains, Freight Trains And Tourists Trains!

I've also sent you the questions I used for 2 days of the project. Another activity we did was to have the kids pretend they had a friend working on the other team and write their friend a letter about the hardships and events their team experienced.

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For the last day of the project, I wrote a skit for the golden spike ceremony I'm happy to share it with you Thank you again for letting us use this wonderful site! Last year I made an art piece relating to trains. Keep up the great work on the best train site on the net.

Wyman Brent. Thank you for providing such a wonderful website with an enormous amount of information about the CPRR. My husband and I have been doing research on the on Pullman sleeping cars and I appreciated being able to read about some the history which you have provided. My husband, Roy Koch, has acquired some marquetry wood panels from the old Pullman sleeping cars.

These came to him by way of his grandfather Koch who was the owner of the Koch Brothers Foundry in Harvey, Illinois and turned machined the wheels for the railroads. I have attached a picture of one of the wood panels. Rosemary Koch.

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Courtesy Rosemary Koch. This was done in February of I am a member of various emigrant trail preservation groups and this map is one of the most accurate I've seen in years, and its value in accurately marking sections of trail is of immense historical value. As you may recall, you gave me permission to use some of your Horn's [ Emigrant Guide] information. Written by the late Dr. Everett W. Harris, I had the pleasure of pouring over his notes and initial manuscript, material that the Harris family had found boxed and forgotten for decades.

Included were photographs and negatives. Harris studied the emigrant trails from the s through the s, passing away in A consultant on this project, I also compiled, organized and transcribed his notes and manuscript for publication. Emigrant trails and iron rails are inter-married in the pages of history, so I thought you would enjoy hearing that more pages linking us to the past have now been printed. Everytime I visit, there is always something new and exciting! I always have a "rail good time.

Robert Joe King. Also find references and photographs.

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Provides photographs and historical references. History of the Chinese in California Report published by the Chinese Historical Society looks at the contributions made by the Chinese to railroad construction. Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum Peruse an exhibit of photographs of the Central Pacific Railroad in the s and link to numerous essays and articles about the railroad. Spielberg's production company Dreamworks will produce and Scorsese will direct the film, titled Into The Setting Sun , according to Hollywood trade paper Variety.

No script yet exists, however it is reported that Bill Wittliff, writer of Legends of the Fall and The Perfect Storm , has been handed the script-writing reins. I visited your site and found it very interesting and very much down the line of our own work. You might, e. And these are a few projects that bear a little more directly on After searching the web for endless hours, nothing even compares to all of your information.

History term paper I am asking: How was the route of the Transcontinental Railroad selected? What role did the surveys play along with politics? I will be reviewing the surveys of the proposed routes and examining congressional debates , newspapers etc. We are only allowed to use primary sources which makes all this extra hard, but your website has helped me sooo much in terms of writing my proposal and including my sources. You have no idea how much time that saved me. Hossein Basi Cyber Patrol's CyberGuide You have a great website! I am a teacher in Moorpark, California.

Thanks so much, Cathy Peters Wow, what a great website! Thanks for putting all this together. Scott Frizen My name is Becky and I am in the eighth grade. Thank you for having such cool pictures on your site I will recommend your site to others I write to. Thanks again. Doc J. Hucklebury Fantastic site You have a grand website, I have learned a lot of new things here Very impressive.

I have sent it on to other interested historians. Thank you so much, great website! Caitlin Lashnits The Curator who has designed and developed one of our History Gallery Interactive pieces has sourced many images for this piece back to your website. Oakland Museum of California I won't waste your time by telling you how great your site is - shoot, I just did! Harry R.

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Jordan I visited your museum this evening. It has to be a labor of love. Anne M. Stjern I had just run across your website. Very Nice! I have the ability to view stereographs without a viewer by looking at each picture with each eye.


Your section of these is quite enjoyable! Keep up the good work. I have a piece of dated rail with this lettering: "Moss Bay Steel 50 lbs. Very nice section on the rails. John Zentmyer I have just finished spending some time at your web site " Eastward to Promontory. I have taught a class entitled "Iron Horses to Promontory" and am always looking for new sources of information. I also am on the look out for mistakes in such sources-sorry, I didn't find any in yours!

Bruce Hendrick, Brea, California Thank you for putting together and maintaining my idea of a website! Thanks very much. Steve Totheroh I learned so much from your web site. Thanks for all the helpful links to other web sites and to the books Thank you so much. Bianca You have produced one of the nicest RR sites I've visited. The photo of the Belfast Station circa fascinated me. Byron Woodcock, Clarion, Pennsylvania Wow, you are sure quick.

Bruce Halliburton Amazing: I love all the info along with the pictures Tom Swailes , Bollington, Cheshire, England I love your site, and find it very helpful when responding to our patrons. Thanks for your good work, and for making your collections available to us "out there.

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My students, who are among 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades, are all Chinese American learning Chinese as a heritage language. We will have a discussion about how much Chinese railroad workers contributed to this project, how they started their lives in this country, and what influences they made to the history of Chinese American. I always believe that photos say a lot of words themselves. Photo reading issuch a great strategy to teach a history lesson.

Students can find connections between them and the history through reading a valuable photo carefully. Therefore, I would like to use these photos in my lesson to attract students' attentions and open a great and deep discussion. Thank you so much Thank you so much for your prompt response.

I didn't expect I will get your answer on Sunday! I really appreciate your efficiency. I believe my students will be very impressed by those photos. I will definitely introduce your fabulous website to my students who can get valuable information about the CPRR to complete their homework assignment after this lesson.