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If Stowell had heard Joseph had a gift with this stone, it was because the Smith family was advertising it to the local community for hire, not because they had any actual success finding anything. It is insulting to the readers here to imply that Joseph Smith accomplished anything with this stone, because if he had found treasure with it, Saints would be sure to dive into the smallest details to tell us about it.


This would not pass the LDS church's definition of honesty, and it shows just how damaging Joseph's treasure digging is to the credibility of the Book of Mormon: the stone he uses to defraud Stowell out of money is the exact same stone he is going to soon translate the Book of Mormon with out of a hat. The chapter continues to develop the courtship of Joseph and Emma, which includes the discussion of how Emma's dad became very distrustful of Joseph as he got to know him.

They also continue to drop hints that Joseph is an uneducated person by stating that "his grammar was uneven, and he sometimes used too many words to express himself, but he displayed a natural intelligence when he spoke. Saints continues to inoculate members to the idea of using stones to find hidden treasure by stating without sources that "some of the older folks in town believed in seers, but many of their children and grandchildren did not.

Costs: Warrant, 19c. Recognisances, 25c. Mittimus, 19c. Recognisances of witnesses, 75c. Subpoena, 18c. VII, p. We are then told that Joseph was told by Moroni to bring someone with next year to get the plates, because he was rejected for his money digging ways. The right person, he learned, was Emma.

If the authors of Saints believed that the real quote was believable or faith promoting, they would have used it. Instead of they paraphrase it in the fluffy narrative that they use throughout Saints in order to avoid tackling the tough issues while protecting the image of Joseph Smith. After Joseph and Emma elope, the chapter quickly turns again to Joseph Smith retrieving the "gold plates.

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This is in contradiction to a previous retrieval attempt where Moroni took the plates back because Joseph took his eye off the plates for a second, but now it is OK that he left them in a "hollow log" for days. Further, we are told that a group of men were plotting to steal the plates, but that Joseph Smith could look in on the plates with the Urim and Thummim keep in mind that no one called it in the Urim and Thummim at this time. This is, of course, written by Lucy Mack Smith who lived in a magical worldview as we have described in these early chapters.

Next, Saints tells the tale of how Joseph Smith ran with the plates, knocking off treasure seekers along the way. Keep in mind that gold plates would weigh anywhere between 40 and lbs, so running while also fighting off treasure seekers is beyond unlikely. Joseph fought the man off and darted away, desperate to be out of the woods. But before he could get very far a third man attacked, landing a heavy blow that sent him reeling.

Gathering his strength, Joseph hit the man hard and ran for home. I work with boxes for a living, and I can tell you that running with an item that weighs between lbs is beyond unlikely to begin with, but fighting off attackers while doing so would be impossible.

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Again, this is a story from Lucy Mack Smith written decades after the event supposedly happened, but it needs to be pointed out just how unrealistic this story is. Joseph then returns home with the plates, and allows the family to feel them through a cloth as no one is allowed to see the plates or would die, according to Joseph.

Saints then ends the chapter discussing Joseph Smith's injuries from the attackers, which again is so improbable in the first place.

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We will be entering the translation stage of this book soon, which is going to be very interesting considering the liberties that Saints has already taken when it discusses the Urim and Thummim, which we are going to get into more details on in the following chapters. It also needs to be noted that once the Joseph elopes with Emma, there are 15 more citations in the chapter.

Of those 15 citations, 13 of them are from Lucy Mack Smith's history. This history was written decades after the events supposedly happened, was written by Joseph's mother, and makes up almost the entirety of the sources about such an important event in church history. The fact that Saints did not bother to use more sources is more evidence that Saints is not "the Standard of Truth" as they claim, but just another attempt to inoculate members about the difficult and unbelievable parts of their history.

After receiving the gold plates, Joseph Smith needs to begin translating them. Saints begins by mentioning how "treasure seekers tried for weeks to steal them," and how Joseph had to continually move the plates around to avoid being stolen. Because of having to move the plates, Joseph does not have time to examine them with the "Urim and Thummim," which is something we need to briefly address here.

The term "Urim and Thummim" in Biblical sense did not reveal prophesies or translate language. The were used to get answers from God in a 'yes or no' sense, so they were thought of more like a Magic 8-Ball or Dice, where God would be asked about a specific question and the answer could come through as yes or no. This is important because as we will soon find out, the Biblical "Urim and Thummim" have completely different functions and abilities than the ones Joseph Smith claims to have.