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[Major Spoilers] The God King

Login or Register in order to comment. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. A team of international specialists has found evidence that Stone Age people who lived in what is modern Turkey, once wore human tooth jewelry.

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They have found three Neolithic molars that were Archaeologists in Turkey have uncovered a section of a prehistoric fortress wall. It was found at the Yumuktepe mound, which dates back to the Neolithic period, some 9, years ago.

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This fortress is It was built by hunter-gatherers in the pre-pottery Neolithic period, before writing and the wheel were invented. Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a child who died in the Copper Age, 5, years ago, in Turkey. The skeleton, believed to be that of a 6- or 7-year-old, was found in the ruins of a Top New Stories. Egyptian authorities have announced the rare discovery of mummified lion cubs, big cats, cobras and crocodiles near Saqqara necropolis which date back around 2, years.

Sorry this is ramble-y.

Malady and the Godking have nothing to do with one another, actually. Whenever you fail to become Divine, be it giving up source, allowing the God King back in to the world etc, she ends up upset at you for not being able to help HER with her personal problem, because you didn't become divine.

Malady's reasons are something SO unrelated and unknown.

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But she doesn't. Once he'd discovered that and revealed it, the Eternal King's power was finally threatened so he decided to punish Fane by banishing him and his family, to silence this danger.

Fane ended up revealing this information to not just him, but the Seven Lords. They broke the veil and harvested its power, then when they all became unstoppable gods, they betrayed their entire race. This is because they became source vampires, I think? Which made them extremely thirsty for power.

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  6. And as the gods say, "Power is taken. What it means to be a god is to be a Lion in a world of lambs. While in the void for eternities, the Eternals actually began to tap in to the powers of it. Void magic is the opposite of Source magic. It's the dark to the light, I believe?

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    We learn this when we learn source mastery from Mordus. Because the void is basically just a super powerful force just like Source is a super powerful force, the Eternal King became extremely powerful. You learn ALL about this by eating a ton of void-tainted fish as an elf. The God King is so incredibly powerful because his power isn't split and the entire Eternal Race are his chosen "godwoken" voidwoken , whereas the Seven Gods chose an avatar of their powers, Lucian, who intentionally sought to destroy them.

    In fact, the god's powers weren't siphoned by the God King, their powers diminished because of the enormous amount of prayer lost as a result of Tir Cendelius's followers being deathfog bombed, the Divine faking his own death causing a TON of panic and the systematic purging of sourcerers. A Sourcerer, as you probably know, is just a walking source vat for the gods to feed on.

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    Throughout the volume, Geslani chooses to primarily engage with the work of Frits Staal. Geslani cites her once 29 , but only as a critic of Staal. Perhaps it is more about witnessing the body of the god and less about being seen as an individual, for surely the medieval king did not see each of his subjects as individuals? Consider for a moment Chambord, an enormous castle built to embody the power of Francois the First.

    God-King Chronicles

    Its double-helix spiral staircases allow the king to ascend alone while his court, climbing the second staircase, could see him but never reach him. In fact, this notion of kingship mirrors the ancient Vedic concept, in which the Sun transcends the hearths of the clans by virtue of being seen by all but reached by none.

    So too did the great fire altar, which was fatal to step on until each of its bricks were pacified. Please read our policy on commenting. All Rights Reserved.