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So glad you made this cherry pie. And I really need to bake one soon. Thanks for your feedback. Hi Shinee. I bought mine online from Amazon. It is the red one that hold 6 cherries or olives.

Foolproof Cherry Pie

You just put them in slots inside of gadget and press down with flat hand and they pop right out in container underneath. Just be sure to put them in stem side up. Count the pits to be sure you get them all, of course. Happy cherry pitting. Do you ever have that problem? Yes, I found that cherry pitter. Thanks so much for the info, Linda! I do come across a bad cherry or two in a bag, but I never throw out the whole bag because of that. Just toss the bad ones, and the rest is good.

Thank you so much for this great recipe. I even purchased a cherry pitter that does a few at a time. My family really likes this recipe. I love sweet cherries and now I have a really good recipe so we all can enjoy them.

Cherry Pie Recipe Demonstration -

Thanks again and best of luck to you. Aww, Linda, thanks so much! Please tell me more about your cherry pitter that does more than one at a time! And thank you for your feedback. My detailed tips and step-by-step photos make each recipe easy to recreate and are sure to impress at any occasion. Gourmet Made Deliciously Simple. Print Recipe. Prepare your favorite pie crust, or as shown here. Divide the dough in half and wrap with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Roll out one half into a 10 to inch circle on a floured surface.

Transfer onto 9-inch pie dish. Refrigerate the crust in the pan while making the filling.

Homemade Cherry Pie Recipe

To make the cherry pie filling , place the cherries if frozen, no need to thaw in advance in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring it to a boil. In a separate bowl, mix together sugar, cornstarch and salt. Add sugar mixture, vanilla extract, almond extract and lemon juice into the boiling cherries. Mix well. Remove from heat and cool for a few minutes. Bring out the other half of the pie dough and roll out into 9 to inch circle. If desired, cut out small polka dots using a piping tip. Remove the pie dish with pie crust from the fridge and pour the cherry filling.

Cover the pie with top crust. Crimp the edges however you like. And bake for about minutes, or until golden brown. Let the pie cool completely before serving. Serve with whipped cream, or better yet with vanilla ice cream. Made this recipe? Subscribe to receive weekly updates:. Pecan Pie Cheesecake. It was way too hard!

My Best Recipe for Homemade Cherry Pie

The second pie I left the crust overnight wrapped in the fridge before rolling it out in the morning. It rolled out better. The first pie I rolled it out after two hours of chilling.


Any suggestions? The filling is amazing. The first one everyone said should win a prize! I consider myself an intermediate pie maker so I am thinking a beginner would be ripping their hair out!

Hi Arlene! Did you perhaps add too much fat or flour to the 2nd pie crust? If the pie dough is too hard, there was either too much flour or too much fat. The shortening and butter are solid when cold, so if there was too much— the dough would be too stiff. I will make this recipe again and be sure to measure exactly.

Best Cherry Pie recipes | Food Network UK

I will make it again in the future using cake and pastry flour as I liked that crust better. Thank you! I have never baked a pie. I found this recipe and followed it with careful exactitude. It turned out perfect in every way. I live in the Pacific NW west — the sweet cherry mecca. Increase recipe by half? Thank You. I used a 9X2 inch pie dish which is considered a deep dish and I use 4. I recommend you make the filling in advance as it should be refrigerated and cold when going into the pie!

Did you bake the pie in a still oven or a convection oven? Any suggestions about how to bake this or is it ruined? Thaw in fridge and then bake? Bake it right from the freezer — keeping in mind it will take much longer to bake! If you thaw it first and then bake it you will end up with a mushy crust. I made the filling but not the crust — I cheated and used store bought and the flavor is amazing!

I saw some comments regarding concerns over a soggy bottom crust. Borrow an old gluten free baking tip from me — coat the bottom crust with the egg wash before adding the filling and use a metal pie dish to bake it.

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The metal pan conducts heat faster than glass or earthenware and further prevents problems — and bakes faster. I cooked my filling to get rid of the cornstarch flavor and texture and if anyone does so, either add more water after the cornstarch is fully dissolved or reduce the amount of cornstarch as this thickens quite a bit. BUT, the flavors are unaffected.

This recipe is easy to follow and the pie turns out exactly as it looks. I wish I had used both sweet and sour cherries.

I used only sweet so there was no real depth to the flavor of the pie. The almond extract brings out even more sweetness- and was not a good fit for my families flavor profile. I hand pitted the cherries and it took all of 20 mins. If you like Cherry pie this one is a winner. Canned cherries are packed in a very sugary syrup so I recommend sticking to fresh for this particular recipe. I always bake a pie for my contractor when he is doing a project at my house.

This time he requested cherry! I found your recipe, and he loved it he requested another.

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