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He became involved in the abolitionist cause, started publishing his own abolitionist newspaper, The North Star , and associated with notable abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison in his fight against slavery. His firsthand descriptions of the cruelty of slavery were a potent weapon in the struggle against bondage, and Douglass became a renowned speaker, crisscrossing the North to speak to abolitionist groups and gatherings about his life as a slave.

Credit: Matt Rourke. In , Douglass increased his renown with the publication of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass , an autobiography that painted a grim picture of his life in slavery. Later, he updated it to include more information about his escape and later life.

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In the book, Douglass named his former masters, who had been attempting to capture him using bounty hunters who specialized in tracking down escaped slaves. To avoid capture, Douglass fled to Great Britain, but quickly returned to the United States to continue his crusade against slavery, after a group of supporters paid for his freedom. In , Douglass again turned a spotlight on his former master. He wrote an emotional open letter, to Thomas Auld, lambasting him for his participation in a cruel system.

Yet he ended the letter on a surprisingly tender note. A few years later, Douglass met a member of the Auld family in person for the first time since his escape. During their emotional meeting, Amanda and Douglass reminisced about their shared childhood. Douglass also used the time to ask about his family members, who were still owned by Auld.

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Wye Plantation, where Frederick Douglass was enslaved, as of When they did, neither man could keep their emotions in check. During the meeting, Douglass apologized for blaming Auld for mistreating his grandmother, and found out his real birth date. They discussed death and parted as friends. Though personally reconciled to his former master, Douglass—and the 4 million slaves who had been emancipated at the end of the Civil War —could never be reconciled to the institution itself.

He translated this rage into meaningful work on behalf of African-Americans, even after the institution of slavery was gone. But his fight for equality and civil rights for African-Americans outlasted both the institution and the master who had made his young life so miserable. His encounters with his former owner and family members underscored his belief that forward progress was possible—even when it was emotionally fraught.

After all, the embezzled funds belong to the insignificant and despised taxpayer. On the human resources side of things, the governor touched on a very salient point - that of a bloated civil service, some of whom go to work solely to engage in their own businesses, not to do what they are paid for. Sadly, hapless and helpless though we might be, to call to order reckless expenditure, we have persistently over the years, raised our concerns at the seemingly reckless spending patterns our government is so notoriously famous for, as well as over her short-sightedness in prioritising her fiscal responsibilities The viability of the project and how it will benefit the ordinary man on the street has been ferociously questioned by many in the country.

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Civic groups, who took to the streets a couple of weeks or so ago, have used the contentious project as a rallying issue to demand their long-denied, for the past three years, cost of living adjustment COLA , accusing government of employing double standards by repeatedly saying she is broke, yet continues to pump funds into and seeking loans this extravagant project. It is mindboggling how, according to this article, this figure has escalated to four times the initial figure of E1.

Will the probe see the scorching, summer sunlight? Your guess is as good as mine! But I and my irritatingly suspicious nature to some, smell a rat that, like the Asian influx probe of many moons ago, such a probe will gather dust. An additional loan is sought by our spendthrift government in order to finish the construction of this contentious project.


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Government will have her way in the approval of the loan. Chances of the project being a white elephant are a stark reality. So many grand projects in the past have been turned into white elephants. Commentators point out to the adjacent Ezulwini Sun Hotel, which was closed down some years ago, bringing into question the viability of embarking in such projects, especially hospitality ones, due to a dwindling tourism industry. More Dollars - meaning more debts - are needed to complete, in the eyes of some of us, these extravagant, vanity projects. As much as borrowing from both internal and outside lenders is part and parcel of financial activities of any sovereign state, is it viable to be slaves to borrowing just to embark on vanity projects, which bring little or no returns on investment?

As a developing nation, it a given that we do need funding that can directly improve the quality of life of every citizen, of our infrastructure, building more schools and healthcare facilities, et cetera. But we need to be careful not to be slaves to borrowing - either for prestige or for vanity purposes.

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African governments are famous for blindly falling into debts, where unscrupulous leaders misuse or divert loan funds, for personal gain. As a nation, let us be wary of not falling into the debt trap. Belt-tightening must be the buzzword. Let us improve our tax collection strategies to boost our revenue. Finally - and this is crucial - let us borrow ONLY to invest wisely. Let us not reach the stage where we will need bailouts or fall under austerity measures, because we failed to service our loans.

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And ohhh! China is waiting on the sidelines with her strings-attached billions of Dollars in loans for those countries who are slaves to borrowing. About Contact. Search Advanced search.

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