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Train for Your Fastest Mile (in Two Weeks)

Sub Wade, who ran the 3,meter steeplechase at the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, is just as keen on a sub minute 5, as he is on a fast mile. Last spring, in California, Wade ran Wade will attempt a sub again, also in California, in the Silicon Valley 5K on the roads in San Jose later this fall.

An example: 6 x 1 mile in a average with 2 minutes recovery. Another: for meters, jog , for , jog , in 61, jog , in 60, jog , and 4 x in 30 seconds each. Daring Run : When he came to the U. The man who hated running was not surprised. After quitting tennis, Wade ran his senior year at Rice, graduating in with an steeplechase to his credit.

Marathon Man : In the early s, Wade got into marathoning on a regimen of about 85 miles a week. He would run Houston every year, achieving his PR in to earn his Olympic berth.

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In the Games, he had an off day in the Atlanta heat, placing 83 rd in the field of finishers, in Wade won Houston in in In , at 41, he ran faster, , to win the masters division. In his current schedule, he runs up to an hour every day with another hour of running in the pool. Wade says that he can do up to strides per minute in the water for 45 to 60 minutes. The participants, many training for the Houston Marathon in January, meet Monday for hill sprints, Wednesday for tempo runs and Saturdays for long runs.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Save on Headphones, Watches, and More at Walmart. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Advanced. Long runs should be conducted at a pace slower than you plan to run in a marathon.

14 Year Old 5:18 Mile

Running too long and too fast and too often will simply wear you out and prevent you from achieving your goals. Sunday-Cross-Training : If you enjoy biking on Wednesdays, you may want to climb back on your bike on Sundays too. Nothing wrong with that. But consider other aerobic exercises: walking, swimming, cross-country skiing in season.

Given the variety of different exercises, the prescription is in time, not distance. You cross-train an hour in Week 1 and progress to 90 minutes for Weeks 19 and If you want to flipflop workouts cross-training on Saturdays and running on Sundays , that is okay too. Strength Training : I strongly endorse strength training for runners: for general fitness as much as for making you a faster runner. I recommend light weights and high repetitions. Mondays and Wednesdays might be good days on which to strength train, depending on your schedule. Distance is unimportant, although if you need feedback on marathon pace, the half marathon is your best predictor.

Other coaches, however, define Tempo Runs as workouts run at a fast and continuous pace. Regardless, when I ask you to do a Tempo Run, it means that you start easy, then gradually accelerate to near K pace halfway through the workout. Hold that pace for five minutes or more, then gradually slow down. I prescribe time rather than distance and suggest that you get off the roads and into the woods where you can listen to your body rather than run to the rhythm of a GPS watch.

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Tempo Runs should be intuitive. Those signing up for one of my interactive programs available from TrainingPeaks will receive further instructions plus tips on training in the emails I will be sending you daily. This is Marathon 3. Good luck using it to train for your next marathon..

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  • I was injured at some point during my first 3 marathons. I love the marathon, but was doubting that my body could handle them. Tried this plan for my 4th marathon and not only was I injury free, but I had a nearly 10 minute PR. Highly recommend.

    Should You Include 20 Mile Long Runs in Marathon Training?

    I am planning on trying to qualify for Boston with this, as I am fairly close. Would also love to train for at least 1 marathon a year. So excited that marathoning is still part of my life! After a first painful marathon a few years ago, I decided to take my revenge on this infamous race. I started following this program at week 10, just after training for a half marathon on which I beat my PR. The 3 runs per week were perfect for me, as it gave me time to practice other sports as well. The marathon went amazingly well, I beat my PR by 18 minutes with a negative split ! Thanks Hal for this great program! It worked so well for me to have 3 runs a week and cross-training as well as strength training. It worked so brilliantly. I ran my first marathon and even hit my goal of sub with a finish at the NYC marathon. Thanks to this program, if you can run 3 days a week, you can run a marathon!

    This program was perfect for me to balance work, family, and a return to racing after a 10 year hiatus. I was able to adjust my training speeds and hit my goal of coming in under That was even with a week of nasty head cold that sidelined me from my first 20 miler I think I got 8 miles total in that week. Thank you, Hal! Your programs have always been my go-to! Followed this plan for my first ever marathon. Felt confident throughout the whole race and finished strong and was injury free druring the program. Highly recommended training plan. Subscribe to our mailing list for advice from Hal, training tips, and updates on our programs and apps.

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    View our Privacy Policy. Facebook Twitter. Marathon Training : Marathon 3. About the Marathon 3 Program The Marathon 3 program fits conveniently between Novice 2 and Intermediate 1, but its main feature and appeal is that it offers only three days of running and an extra dose of cross training for those of us who need a bit more rest between our running workouts. Interactive Marathon 3 program For runners who want the same time-tested Hal Higdon training plans. Planning on more marathons with this awesome plan.

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